With a range of lighting solutions we can provide home automation systems that are easy to use and give you control of virtually any lighting fixture from anywhere inside or outside your home.

There is an almost unlimited range of options to give you total control of every light in your house. From simple dimmers and sensors to specialised controls to set the mood lighting for each room such as a ‘reading scene’ or a ‘wake-up’ setting, we can seamlessly integrate a choice of state of the art technology into your home.
You can also control the power outputs of many fixtures to reduce your carbon emissions and enjoy energy savings on your bills.

Square Wired Configurable Keypad

An elegant and customizable user interface that unlocks the power of one touch automation, enabling control of lighting, plus control of audio, video, security and more, this fully customizable keypad can be configured with two to seven custom-engraved, LED backlit buttons, using four different button sizes, for a total of 37 possible configurations. Available in up to 9 stylish colors and finishes. Commonly used in the European market and requires standard “UK style” square wallbox (75mm x 75mm x 35mm).

Switch Colour Options

Control4® Wireless and Centralised Lighting Controls are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.